Linda Siracusa, Ph.D.   

Linda Siracusa, Ph.D.

Department of Medical Sciences

Dr. Siracusa’s teaching expertise is in the field of Medical Genetics and Genomics. Her research interests combine the fields of molecular genomics and disease, with a special emphasis on cancer susceptibility.


  • Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo
  • B.Sc., Cornell University


Bussard, K.M. and L.D. Siracusa (2017) Understanding Mitochondrial Polymorphisms in Cancer. Cancer Genetics 77: 6051-6059.

Nnadi, S.C., Watson, R. Innocent, J., Gonye, G.E., Buchberg, A.M. and L.D. Siracusa (2012) Identification of five novel modifier loci of ApcMin harbored in the BXH14 Recombinant Inbred strain. Carcinogenesis 33: 1589-1597.

Justice, M.J., Siracusa, L.D. and A.F. Stewart (2011) Mouse Models of Human Disease. Disease Models & Mechanisms 4: 305-310.

Rossi, S., Sevignani, C., Nnadi, S.C., Siracusa, L.D. and G.A. Calin (2008) Cancer-associated genomic regions (CAGRs) and non-coding RNAs: Bioinformatics and therapeutic implications. Mammalian Genome 19: 526-540.

Herron, B.J., Liddell, R.A., Parker, A., Grant, S., Kinne, J., Fisher, J.K. and L.D. Siracusa (2005) A mutation in stratifin is responsible for the repeated epilation (Er) phenotype in mice. Nature Genetics 37: 1210-1212.

Linda Siracusa, Ph.D.

Interprofessional Health Sciences Campus

Call: 973-275-4313


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